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2010 Chevrolet Volt The Chevy Volt concept car was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in 2007 in Detroit. This would be the first hybrid car that plugs in to charge. It is said that Chevy has used the E-flex propulsion systems to make a car that will provide gas mileage per gallon in the triple digits. Chevy announced that the car could travel for about 640 miles without a need to stop and refuel or plug into an outlet for electricity. This could be the new age for travelers who are stuck spending hundreds of dollars to fill up the gas tank and travel by car.

The concept car will be great for long drives, sixty-mile trips or short commutes. Chevy has calculated the savings for gas at five hundred gallons per year. That could be a savings of eighteen hundred dollars or more depending on what the cost of gas is when the car hits the showrooms. The downside for some might be the rise in electrical use, which could be three hundred dollars or so. Chevy has said that the nanophoshate-based batteries will provide safer operations, longer life and higher outputs than the lithium-ion batteries. This alone could prove worthwhile for consumers.

Chevy has reported that commuters that use the car for forty mile commutes a day could use no gas, eliminate going to the gas station altogether and produce no emissions. Could this be the next green car for Chevy? The fact that the car will produce no emissions is something that could bring this car to the showrooms sooner. The price of the car will have to be seen before anyone can say if the car is going to be worth buying. If you save about eighteen hundred dollars a year on gas, minus the three hundred dollars per year for electricity, it is easy to see how quickly you could save money by owning a 2010 Chevy Volt.

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MSRP & Release Date for the 2010 Chevy Volt is expected in late 2009

The Chevy concept car featured in 2008 had a polycarbonate transparent roof so you have the ability to see everything around you. The car could adapt to different fuels including diesel. The 2007 showing of the concept car showed the audience that the car could easily seat up to five passengers and had a lift gate rear door in a four-door passenger car. The design has come along way from the GM EV1 that only seated two people back in the 1990's. The top speed for the Chevy Volt would be 120 miles per hour rather than the 80 miles per hour that the EV1 had.

It's estimated that the Volt will run approximately 40 miles on electric power alone. The plug to recharge the 2010 Chevy Volt is slated be a common household plug. Gas or E85 will be used to extend the distance for longer trips. 

Although the Chevy Volt will be the second such car that can be considered "green', it will have more technology that the EV1 did not have when it hit the streets. The car will promise a smooth ride with the ease of handling. That will make the Chevy Volt a gem in the world of gas-guzzlers and luxury cars. The car does prove to be something that can save people from the high rising gas prices. Now, Chevy has to produce the car and make it available for consumers. .

The Chevy Volt will provide alternatives to owning a car and spending money on the high gas prices. When the car does come out, consumers will want to test-drive the car to see how well it handles and maybe even, how far it can go without using the fuel. This concept car does have many options for comfort and safety, which adds to the glamour of the car. Chevy will have the consumer's attention when they do produce the Volt and put a price on it. Everyone is waiting patiently to see just how this car will save him or her money.


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